WEVA Intermediate Meeting – Samarkand

WEVA Intermediate meeting, Samarkand (UZ); Oct. 30 – Nov. 02, 2018.

WEVA delegation: Richard CORDE, Eric RICHARD
REVA delegation: Kirill MANILOV, Ekaterina ZABEGINA, Anna SHAFRANOVSKAYA

We all were very welcome in Samarkand (social/cultural visits), and had very good contacts with Profs onsite (Agricultural & Veterinary Faculty), especially Prof. Bahtior DALIEVICH, Dean of the faculty, who was the major referent and accompanying person throughout the period. Many thanks to Ekaterina and Kirill for pre-conference organization and special thanks to Anna who translated all lectures into Russian, prior to her own presentation.

Studies are largely dedicated to agriculture & animal production, and more especially sheep (for wool). Even if many horses are bred and used for local and traditional games, the level for equine medicine seems very basal. Most of veterinarians are employed by the State, and practicing as an equine vet seems anecdotal.

The scientific program included pre-purchase examination, respiratory physiology, sampling airways, environment & equine asthma by Richard & me; infectious diseases, dentistry and physical rehabilitation were also presented by Ekaterina, Kirill & Anna.

About 30 practitioners were attending the conferences, as well as 50 – 200 students (depending on the schedule). All attendees (seniors & students) were very keen to learn. Profs seemed open to ‘external education’, with a relationship positively evolving during the 3 days. To my opinion, further IM are relevant and likely to get organized in the future, possibly involving neighbor countries (e.g. Tajikistan); while it is too early to think about a full meeting there.

“Official picture”, with REVA/WEVA delegation & inviting professors

At the entrance of the main building

First morning: Richard lecturing in the main amphitheater

Practitioners & students (from various promotions)

A first-year student, brave enough to come and ask a question

Lectures during the afternoon took place in a smaller amphitheater

Both Russian & Uzbek translation, one microphone only …

Day 2: another translator and two microphones

Richard getting dressed with the traditional costume

Richard’s speech during closure ceremony

Unexpected wet lab, performed on day 3

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