Intermediate Meeting Report, Santiago, Chile 2017

We had a wonderful WEVA-ACHVE intermediate meeting in Santiago, Chile on June 1-2, 2017.

We had more than 150 attendees, the biggest audience so far on ACHVE organized meetings. This was the third IM WEVA meeting held in Chile since 2012.

In this opportunity, we had an excellent staff of speakers: Dr. Kate Savage, WEVA President; Dr. Scott Pleasant, Director of Equine Podiatry Service, Virginia-Maryland college of Veterinary Medicine; Mr. Travis Burns, Assistant Professor chief of Farrier Services Equine Podiatry Service, Virginia-Maryland college of Veterinary Medicine; Dr. David Parra, Clinica Las Troyas, Chile. They covered a wide variety of topics: foal lungs in the farm and the clinic, Rhodococcus Equi update, Hipoxic Isquemic Encephalopaty, foal diarrhea, acute and chronic laminitis management update, management of obesity and insulin resistance, equine prepurchase examination.

With the focus of integration, ACHVE extended an invitation to its regional associations and received a wonderful response. We had the honor to receive the visit of: Dr. Juan Manuel Restrepo, president of ACOVEQ (Colombia); Dr. Mariano Hernández, president of AMMVEE (Mexico); Dr. Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Portas, president of the Argentinian Foundation of Equine Practioners; Dr. Jose Luis Collao, representative of APEVEQ (Peru); Dr. Eduardo Santurtun, interim regional director of the Donkey Sanctuary Foundation.

We hope that all the attendees had a wonderful time of interaction with other colleagues and enjoyed the opportunity to maintain their continuing education.

Dr. Maria Paz Zuñiga B.
ACHVE board member
WEVA board member

From left to right: Travis Burns, Dr. Juan Manuel Restrepo ACOVEQ president, Dr. Eduardo Santurtun interim director of The Donkey Sanctuary, Dr. Mariano Hernandez AMMVEE president, Dr. Jose Luis Collao representative of APEVEQ, Dr. Scott Pleasant, Dr. Maria Paz Zuñiga ACVHE secretary, Dr. Kate Savage WEVA president, Dr. Onesimo Sepulveda ACHVE Vice President, Dr. Sebastian Guerra ACHVE treasure, Dr. Mauro Rodriguez ACHVE board, Dr. Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Portas president of the Argentinian Foundation of Equine Practitioners.

Pre Meeting dinner with the Latin American guests.

Left to Right: Travis Burns, Scott Pleasant, Maria Paz Zuñiga, Kate Savage, Onesimo Sepulveda, Sebastian Guerra and Mauro Rodriguez.