Azabu University


Prof.Vince Gerber (WEVA treasurer and junior vice-president) and Dr. Alessandra Ramseyer were invited by Prof. Hiroo Madarame of Azabu University, where they spent a week giving talks, discussing graduate student projects and hospitalized cases, as well as enjoying the wonderful Japanese hospitality! The stay was expertly organized by the foreign visitors’ office, mainly through Dr. Fujimura.

Along with the presentations to faculty and students, Dr. Gerber had the opportunity to introduce WEVA and the upcoming WEVA congress in Beijing. He also discussed WEVA and potential future IMs with Dr. Akikazu Ishihara, assistant professor and in charge of the equine clinic. Dr. Ishihara expressed his interest in WEVA while pointing out the importance of the Japanese Racing Association and their veterinary staff in the field of Japanese Equine Medicine and Surgery. Completing a most interesting and friendly exchange, Drs. Ishihara, Gerber and Ramseyer also visited the JRA-owned show ground where the Olympic equestrian games are planned to be held in 2020.

The photograph shows Prof. Madarame (first row, first from left), Prof. Gerber and Dr. Ramseyer (first row, third and second from right, respectively), Drs. Fujimua and Ishijara (second row, first and second from right) as well as the Dean (second from left), faculty and students of Azabu University, Japan.

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