Closing report on the WEVA IAEP webinar series

Thank you and WEVA for the support and platform for the webinar series we recently conducted on Neonatal medicine. The speakers were Dr Pam Wilkins from Illinois state and Dr Kevin Corley from Ireland. Pamela spoke on the uremic foal and Kevin on fluid therapy and parenteral alimentation. They are brilliant educationists and the Indian Association of Equine practitioners were privileged to have them speak on the topics chosen. The audience came from many countries and nationalities, besides India,from the USA , China, Spain , the UK, Peru , Argentina, Pakistan , France , the UAE and many more. The response from the participants was overwhelmingly positive. There was an active debate and exchange / audience question section after each talk, which was also very stimulating.
The meeting was sponsored by two agencies, one of which chose to be anonymous, as it was a philanthropic gesture. The other sponsor, Sihil Animal Health is owned by a veterinarian, and deals in small animal and some large animal products. They were very excited to be associated with this and we had them prominently mentioned on our promotional material and certificates.

All in all it was a very successful webinar series and I hope the database we have generated of attendees can be used in the following months and years for WEVA activities.

– Phiroz Khambatta