Young WEVA

YoungWEVA is a platform for young equine vets from all over the world to discuss their cases and share experiences. The goal is to improve equine medicine worldwide and encourage young equine veterinarians to join and spread the spirit of WEVA.

This year’s VetCamp will take place

August 7-10, 2014

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YoungWEVA Ambassador: Bianca Schwarz, DVM, DrMedVet, Dipl. ECEIM


The World Equine Veterinary Association (WEVA) announced in 2011 the launch of YoungWEVA, a new initiative designed to inform young equine veterinarians about WEVA’s mission.The organization hopes YoungWEVA will attract colleagues early in their veterinary careers to join and spread WEVA’s spirit.

Recently YoungWEVA launched its own Facebook page designed to provide a discussion platform for young equine practitioners and veterinary students with a strong interest in equine medicine to share experiences and discuss cases. The page will also provide equine medical information and details on future WEVA Congresses and Intermediate Meetings around the world. Furthermore, students can find information on past Congresses, including links to the meeting proceedings.

YoungWEVA’s vision is to offer a special session at WEVA Congresses, rich in “how to” talks and workshops aimed at recent graduates and other young practitioners.

Organizers have established a goal to identify two YoungWEVA “ambassadors” per continent. Dr. Bianca Schwarz from Germany is currently the first ambassador for YoungWEVA.