Hi everyone, finally a WEVA update for 2016.

Despite my silence, a lot of exciting things have been happening and a lot of planning for intermediate meetings (IMs) has been going on. In February, I am meeting Dr Chris Riggs at the International Equine Summit China to be held in Jiangsu. We will be presenting on WEVA and of course, internal medicine and equine surgery respectively. Then Dr Henry Tremaine and I will meet Dr Chris Riggs in Beijing, China for an IM. As many of you know, Dr Tremaine is a surgeon and has a deep interest in dental surgery. His lectures will be fascinating.

In April, I will meet Dr Dave Hodgson (immediate past president of WEVA) in Romania for the Romanian Equine Veterinary Association’s annual conference. WEVA and a private sponsor of WEVA are supporting Dr Hodgson and Dr James Brown [a specialist surgeon (Dip ACVS) and specialist theriogenologist (Dip ACT)] to meet me in Cluj Napoca. We will present information about WEVA initiatives, as well as lecturing on the equine upper respiratory tract (and possibly the lower respiratory tract). We hope our Regional Ambassador for Russia and surrounding regions, Dr Ekaterina Zabegina (a past WEVA board member) will also be able to travel to Romania and join us for this important conference and WEVA IM. After this I will travel to Moscow for the 24th Moscow International Veterinary Congress. We hope that WEVA will be able to support one or two speakers for the Russian Equine Veterinary Association (REVA) in October 2016.

  • Kate Savage, WEVA President