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The 14th Congress of The World Equine Veterinary Association will be held in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2015.

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Report on the 13th World Equine Veterinary Association (WEVA) Congress in Budapest, Hungary.

The 2013 WEVA Congress was held in Budapest, Hungary on 3rd-5th October, 2013. There were over 500 attendees from 49 countries. The hosts were HAEP (Hungarian Association of Equine Practitioners) and the WOHV (World Organization of Hungarian Veterinarians) and they did a fabulous job organizing the Congress, including provision of great local social events. Program Chair was Kate Savage from Australia. The WEVA biennial congress is truly unique in that one gets to rub shoulders with colleagues from all over the world. It was an excellent venue and Budapest was fascinating and beautiful. Over 30 invited speakers presented and there were over 160 poster presentations and over 40 oral abstract presentations.

The Congress Proceedings will be available through www.IVIS.org in the near future.

The Merial Applied Research Award (a $6000 gift) was awarded to Dr. Dominique Votion from the University of Liege, Belgium and she presented her work on "Atypical Myopathy". Dr Jean-Christophe Thibault from Merial presented the award along with incoming WEVA President, Dr. David Hodgson.

The reproduction sessions at the Congress were named "The Dr. Michelle LeBlanc Lectures" in memory of Michelle who had received WEVA's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. Dr Pat McCue (Colorado State University) and Dr Giorgio Ricardi (SIVE) and Dr Sandro Barbacini (WEVA board member) presented interesting and current information in the theriogenology sessions.

Many of WEVA's board members presented lectures as well as many international speakers.

The WEVA board members include the current president (2013-2015), Dr Dave Hodgson, Other WEVA board members include Dr Ravi Reddy (Senior Vice President - India), Dr Anne Courouce (Secretary - France), Dr Vince Gerber (Treasurer - Switzerland), Dr Siraya Chunekamrai (Thailand), Dr Harry Werner (USA) and Dr Sandro Barbacini (Italy - our next Program Chair for the 2015 Congress). Dr. Kate Savage (Australia) was elected Junior Vice-President.

Immediate past board members, Dr Ekaterina Zabegina (Russia) and Dr Neimar Roncati (Brazil) were thanked for their service to WEVA. WEVA welcomed new board members: Dr Bianca Schwarz (Germany and Young WEVA), Dr Chris Riggs (Hong Kong/China), Dr Maria Paz Zuniga Barrera (Chile) and as a Young WEVA ambassador, Dr. Kirill Manuilov (Russia).

An ophthalmology wet lab was held the day before the Congress (2nd October). The instructors were Drs Ann Dwyer (President of the AAEP) & Bernard Spiess (Switzerland).

Guadalajara, Mexico was selected as the site for the 2015 Congress and will be hosted by the Mexican Equine Association (AMMVEE). So stay tuned, it's another marvellous destination and a great group with whom to be involved!

Submitted by Drs. Kate Savage and Gary Norwood